How to add your own event to the calendar

Step 1 - Log in to the back office

Go to the Back office

and log in. Step 1

Step 2 - Go to Event Management

Step 2

On the bottom of the left side menu, click on the link titled Event Management.

Step 3 - Add new event

Step 3

On the Event Management page you can list your submitted events, or Add a new event.

To add a event click on Add a new event

Step 4 - Start filling out Event information

Step 4

First you will need to fill out the Event Host field. This field is the name or names of the people who are the active host of the event.

Next you will need to fill out the Event Name field. This is the name that you want to refer to the event by. This could be the name of an Expo that you are present at, it could be what your goals are for the event such as "recruitment event". Anything to have a simple one line informative description of what the event is about.

Next you will need to select the Event Type. There are 6 options to choose from:

  • Home - This is an event at someones home, like discussion of the plan, recruitment, home parties and so on.
  • Fair - This is where you have a booth or presence at a fair.
  • Expo - This is where you have a booth or presence at an Expo.
  • Speaking - This is a speaking event, such as a meeting where several recruits are invited to listen to a main speaker.
  • Phone - This is a phone call such as our weekly product and other phone calls.
  • Other - This is any event that doesn't quite fit the mold of the other types.

Step 5 - Event Time and Date

Step 5

Here you will select the start and end date, and start and end times for the event.

If your event is across more than one day, use the start time of the first day, and the end time of the last day for the times.

Step 6 - Contact Information

Step 6

You need to put in the name of the person to contact if someone has questions about the event.

You can choose either email or phone number as contact method.

Step 7 - Notes

Step 7

You can also add notes to the event. This will be displayed in the event details.

If your event is at a physical location, you need to put the address and directions here. If your event is a phone call, you need to put in any instructions on how to get on the call here.

Remember, just putting the name of a location, such as Maricopa County Fairgrounds, isn't sufficient. Some people may not be aware of local addresses to venues such as this, so it is important to give them as much information on how to get there as you can, otherwise you run the risk of not having them attend your event.

Step 8 - Submit Event

Step 8

Now click on the Save Event button. This will save your event information on our server and notify Customer Service that they need to review the event and make it visible.

Once Customer Service has reviewed the event and made it visible, it will be available to view on the calendar at